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Flute Academy London


Our teaching programme aims to solve many of the issues experienced by mature students with regards to commitment and flexibility. There are pros and cons for both face-to-face and online learning, and here at Flute Academy London we have simply combined these teaching practices to enjoy the benefits of each; ensuring you get a supportive, comprehensive and stress-free flute education.


We have found that many adult players are frustrated - juggling a passion for the flute with a busy home/work life can be difficult. Even with the best intentions, weekly flute lessons and regular practice can be a struggle to manage. Online tutor videos are a wonderful tool and offer the freedom of learning at home, but using these on their own without a teacher can be isolating and counterproductive; one might misunderstand instruction or be unaware of bad habits.


So... Flute Academy London (in association with Flute School London) have designed an innovative and inspiring learning programme which combines technology with face-to-face tuition. You can have the best of both worlds! Not only that, you'll have the oppportunity to join a community of other adult players: learning and playing the flute together in a friendly, supportive and informal environment.



*We offer these three monthly subscription packages:





* 1 x 2 hour group session (just central London at present)

* 1 x online tutorial video

* 1 x online newsletter

* Access to our online 'members forum'

* Discount offers for retail and concerts


Only £40 per month if paying by Direct Debit (committing to 3 months +)

£50 one-off or pay-as-you go.

Discount for first time Taster Session - please enquire




* Basic package plus 1 x 30 minute individual skype lesson


£70 per month

Only £65 per month if paying by Direct Debit (committing to 3 months +)





* Basic package plus a 1 x hour individual lesson (skype or face-to-face)


£85 per month

Only £80 per month if paying by Direct Debit (committing to 3 months +)





* Video, WhatsApp group and newsletter


£25 per month

Click here for a more detailed breakdown...



*Please note, we work with subscription packages to encourage continuity and commitment, but if you are unable to commit to a subscription, you are still very welcome to join us on a pay-as-you-go basis. Please email us for further info...

In association with FLUTE SCHOOL LONDON